What Is The Best Way To Prepare Teens For The Challenges They Face In The Future Essay

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Introduction “I have also said that if you took a normal thirteen-year-old and considered him an adult, he would probably be deemed mentally ill because a thirteen-year-old’s thought patterns are so different from those of an adults” ( Meier, as cited in Roth, 1999, p. 9). Young people, the future fresh, exciting, and inviting. No longer inhibited with parental constraints, teens become adults. When does it happen? Is it overnight? What is the best way to prepare teens to face challenges in the future? As teens embark on their journey, going through childhood, adolescence, and finally entering into adulthood, they will encounter test and trials along the way. They will need to make important decisions about which paths they will choose. These decisions could be personal, economical, social, and even global. The main idea is to come up with a solution that prepares them to face these difficult situations, remain unscathed, and progress towards responsible adulthood. The pressing issues may change as the social and global climate shift, which means that it is necessary to stay flexible regarding “solutions” to these issues. What worked well yesterday to prepare teens for future challenges does not completely apply today and what works well today will not necessarily hold true for tomorrow. Let us examine the best way to prepare teens for future challenges through two extremely different perspectives, the Conservative and Liberal viewpoints, which, will lead to the discovery of the best solution. Uncertainties/Ambiguities Some major factors that contribute to the uncertainties/ambiguities within this issue are that the breadth and depths are so vast. The scope of this issue is so large as to encompass differing perspectives from many angles. It is necessary to examine these uncertainties to gain scope and perspective of the situation in order to

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