Best Videos to Jerk-Ya-Gerk Essay

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DISCLAIMER: I wont jerk it to the shemale shit. I aint gay. 00 - Savannah Stern Not only does she have a slutty name but she stars in a video called "Women belong in the kitchen" I am not sure if I busted a nut to that or because of the fact she said "we'll make this a football sunday tradition" while sucking off the dude. She is a pro bitch and knows what to do. Don't let her lie to you. 01 - Alexis Texas Interesting fact about this one. The Texas part is named after her ass. It's the 2nd largest ass in the porn industry. She is a decent actress in a movie but when she is getting fucked she looks like Paris Hilton in "A night in Paris" 02 - Eva Angelina She claimed to be a first timer but it looked like she knew her way around the dick. The fact that she has a slight fat ass, glasses, and sounds like a whale giving birth amuses me and makes my dick sneezes 20% better. 03 - Sasha Grey This bitch is fucking raw. Vid choices were massive gang bangs with her being the centerpiece or her getting driven by darkies. Only one video was slightly not hardcore and even so it was pretty fucking hardcore. In the first 3 minutes she starts sucking his balls and he goes "I didn't even wash my balls. you're sucking my dirty balls and dick." and then she recieved the throat fuck of a lifetime. She's a trooper. "Smother your face with my dirty ass. Smell my ass" - raw bitch. "use my face as toilet paper!" - the dude. lmfao "yo spits drippin' down my asshole girl, how hot iz dat?" ^Watch that video lmfao 04 - Lisa Ann Jerking off to George Lopez's bitch or a less annoying sounding snookie. If you can't nust a but to this woman you are probably racist or a queer. 05 - Tia

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