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Marti groundlevel installation evokes the buy eso gold waiting room to limbo itself. Gaudy gold floortoceiling curtains are cast from human bone shapes, trompe l wallpaper glistens with the cream satin sheen of coffin upholstery and marvelously garish hotel lobby seating is capped with fauxmink and run with succulent fabrics too fine to merely sit upon; it would be far more appropriate to make savage love with a stranger or simply die alone on these rotund couches. Lighting sconces are arranged to form dragonflies and overripe flowers but, like the curtains, are fashioned from human bone facsimiles. It all cheerful and bright and doomed and dead and utterly satisfying. The park gets less than a million visitors a year, but that number is increasing. Phil Dickinson, a 13year director at Furnace Creek Resort, said: "I am a great believer that most people who come here for the first time invariably want to come back. They say, 'Wow. This is not what we thought, and we want to spend more time here.'" Besides Jackson, the other new entrants on Yahoo's Top 10 list this year were: No. 2, "Twilight," the vampire story that has spawned two movies, including the recently released "New Moon," that are drawing hordes of teenage girls and their mothers; No. 4, Megan Fox, an actress who starred in the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen;" No. 8, Kim Kardashian, part of a family with their own reality TV series; and No. 9, NASCAR, an automobile racing league. British court sanctions sterilisation of disabled man in landmark caseA High Court judge has for the first time sanctioned the sterilisation of a man because it is "in his best interests".British boy in 'suicide over web blackmail'Police in the UK are investigating claims that a teenage boy killed himself after being targeted by online blackmailers, it has been reported.Pistorius will be charged with

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