Best Practices Manual for Supervisors Essay

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Best Practices Manual For Supervisors Andrea Ward October 19, 2008 Instructor Keith M. Fontano As one of the most important people always told me in life, “to be a good leader, you have to be a good follower”. A leader is defined as one person or one thing that leads. It can also mean to guide or to direct as the head of a movement, an army, or even a political group. Following directions and being a great leader guides or directs the path for success to being a great supervisor. Following may not always be easy but it is something that should be learned and dealt with in a supervisory field. A supervisor is one who supervises employees or workers and watches and guides over the work that is done by others, like a superintendent for example. A supervisor can also be someone who is responsible for giving teachers the assistance that they need when going into the preparation of a class syllabus. It can also mean being the head of a department or the lead over a committee or organization in your town. “Although the definition is simple, the job of supervision is quite complex. The supervisor must learn to make good decisions, communicate well with people, and make proper work assignments, delegate, plan, and train people, motivate people, appraise performance, and deal with various specialists in other departments. The varied work of the supervisor is extremely difficult to master” (Rue & Byars 2004). Even though the definition of a supervisor may not be a complex as people may think, it still takes a lot of critical and actual thinking to do. It is a long process of trying to understand and learn how to maintain a good standing in a supervisory field. This best practices manual will go over the insights and depths of how you can obtain the skill of being a great supervisor and leader. Demonstrating

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