Best Place to Take a Date

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Nicky Patcha Mr. Bosley English 11 5/13/07 The Best Place to Take a Date Central Park- New York City E. 59th Street & 5th Avenue The best place to take a date is Central Park in New York City. It offers a rich variety of activities to entertain, educate and amaze not only you and your date, but its millions of visitors. The hundreds of fascinating attractions, facilities and concerts are only matched by the incredible landscape. There is no worry about anyone ruining your privacy for there are endless amounts of places you can wander off to. The main reason for going however would have to be for enjoying the beauty of the environment. From the beautiful centerpiece of the park, called Bethesda Terrace, to the more rustic charm of the North Woods, Central Park changes from festive fountains to pastoral retreat all in the space of a few city blocks. There is also a fully functional National Weather Station located at striking Belvedere Castle, an outdoor performance venue at the Delacorte Theatre, two skating rinks, and a public swimming pool. An absolute must do activity for me however, would be a boat ride around the lake followed by a fantastic meal at the Loeb Boathouse restaurant, located conveniently on the lake. The boat ride ensures privacy and the beauty of the surrounding scenery on the lake. Another delightful activity you and your date could complete is going to the Central Park Zoo. Here, just a few yards from 5th Avenue you’ll find over 130 different species ranging from giant Polar Bears to the Brazilian black tarantula. A walk around the Zoo’s five plus acres will take you through a variety of habitats, all carefully designed to recreate the natural environment of the animals they house. Even if you’re not a big nature fan, the voyage to get to Central Park is quite excellent as well. If you’re coming from the Long Island, you can take

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