Best Of The Achaeans Essay

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Best of the Achaeans Anger between two powerful forces weakens an army and causes arrogant actions. “It’s a sad day for Greece, a sad day. Priam and Priams sons would be happy indeed, and the rest of the Trojans too, glad in their hearts, if they learned all this about you two fighting, our two best men in council and battle,” (Homer, pg 9 ln 269-273). A difference in ideas, such as defense, debts, and treatment of others amongst an army of men leads to conflict within. The Iliad illustrates Mycenaean culture as having war lords and god like figures; when these types are brought together, such as Achilles and Agamemnon, true colors are revealed and the clash begins. Achilles is a strong and powerful god like figure fighting for the Greeks through his devotion for the people. Achilles states, “I do all the dirty work with my own hands, and when the battles over and we divide the loot you get the lions share and I go back to the ship with some pitiful little thing…” (Homer, pg 6 ln 174-177). Achilles makes sacrifices for his warriors only to make them the best. By doing this, Achilles learns to live without through tears and pain. Instead of developing bitterness, Achilles is proud of his people as a whole. Achilles says, “When you two speak, Goddess, a man has to listen no matter how angry. It’s better that way. Obey the gods and they hear you when you pray ” (Homer, pg 7 ln 226-228). Mycenaean culture provides strong beliefs within the god and goddess system. Therefore, Achilles sacrifices prove that obeying the gods brings prizes more glorious than those made of material. He follows his beliefs by taking others into consideration, thus showing his dedication not only to Mycenaean’s but to their gods. Achilles angrily states, “I don’t have any quarrel with the Trojans, they didn’t do anything to me to make me come over here and fight, didn’t run off

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