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Kendra Wood Professor Ivey SOC 200 10 November 2014 The Best of Me Director Michael Hoffman uses many sociological concepts in his 2014 movie, The Best of Me, a Nicholas Sparks novel. Throughout the movie, both the actors and actresses can be looked at in a sociological view, involving the terms Social Stratification/ Social Class, Conformity and Innovation, and Crime. The main guy character, Dawson Cole had the most struggle during the movie and takes part in every sociological concept used. The terms being shown are the ones that are seen the most throughout the film, and they are the ones that are easily seen. Social Stratification and Social Class are the first two terms seen in the film. They are brought about at the beginning of the movie when Dawson first meets the girl he falls in love with, Amanda. He sees her riding in a convertible with the football team, and he’s in an old Volkswagen Beetle with two of his friends. This first example shows that he is poor, or in the lower class, and it shows that she is rich and upper class. Dawson has always found it hard to fit in and he had to drop out of school because his family could not afford to pay for him to go. Amanda, on the other hand, has never had an issue with expenses and her parents pay for anything she wants. Both characters are judged based on how their living styles are, and the amount of money their families have, and they are judged based on their social standing in society. Social stratification is brought back up multiple times in the movie, and it was mostly the causing factor of them not being able to date or be together in the end. Amanda’s dad judged Dawson based on his families social standing, and he did not approve of his daughter dating him. Besides both social class and social stratification, Conformity and Innovation are two other sociological terms seen in the film.

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