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Best of Me Juliana Clarotto 16.01.2014 Design Process Who and Why ? My design is all about my choice to live in the moment and more precisely the belief that “the time is now” to make the necessary changes, experiences, and decisions in your life—why wait? I’ve tried to convey my designs with a more relaxed attitude, but by using symbolism with the clocks to help get across my message and further give my design more depth. I directed my design towards an audience closer to my age group—young adults—because they are currently in the peak of their lives where options, paths, and even new experiences are endless and awaiting them everyday. I have left the demographic very broad because my message that the time is now, and to seize the moment can speak to a variety of people at any stage in their lives, whether they’re acquaintances of mine or not. The competition for my audience would probably be their inner selves, allowing themselves, or not, to make decisions now, rather than later. Research In my research I found a lot of ideas similar to mine, very quiet in visuals but held a far greater impact. In my design, I am going to try and create depth, and meaning while also trying to keep the designs fairly quiet and conservative. Brainstorming Overview A lot of my early brainstorming consisted of things I love, places I love to go, and places I’ve been, and when I took a broader look at the bigger picture I saw a pattern that emerged—that I’ve always taken the chances to learn new things, take on new adventures, and make decisions as soon as they’ve arose. I then shifted my sights to focusing on one of my greatest attributes, seizing the current moment, fore once it’s gone you’ll never get it back—and I’m a strong believer of that! I then began to brainstorm ways in which to showcase this, and having always been inspired by clocks and their beauty, their

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