Best Leader for Rome

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Which Character from the play Julius Caesar makes the best leader for Rome? Have you ever wondered why you need a leader to rule a state or nation? You need a leader because if you did not, the state or nation would be out of control, there would be no laws, no one to enforce anything, and it would be one for all and all for one. In Rome, Mark Antony is beyond compare the best leader for Rome. He is charismatic, intelligent and courageous, the three traits you need to be a successful leader. Mark Antony has many traits, but charismatic it the most noticeable. He is able to convince the plebeian’s the conspirators are at fault for Caesar’s death, without actually blaming them. Antony makes his “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech and he declares, “He [Caesar] was my friend, faithful and just to me, /But Brutus says he is ambitious, / And Brutus is an honourable man” (III, ii, 84-86). Antony’s level of sarcasm in his speech made it relevantly clear he believed the conspirators were at fault for Caesar’s death. Antony is a politician, he never picks a side, and He has a way of making every one believe they are right even if two different people think two different things. Antony is always wandering, never saying he loves Caesar or Brutus more. Antony declares “If Brutus so unkindly knock’d or no/ For Brutus as you know was Caesar’s angel” (III, ii, 178-179). He makes the plebeian’s think he loves Caesar, then switches sides and says he loves Brutus. Antony makes them think about what they really want and really believe. He convinces the plebeian’s to do his “dirty work.” Antony declares “…Mischief, thou art afoot” (III, ii, 257). The plebeian’s thought they were doing a good thing for Rome, when they were just doing Antony’s work so he did not have too. Antony’s charismatic abilities make him the best leader Rome could ever have. However, Antony is

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