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Best Invention Essay

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The worse and the best invention
It is generally agreed today, that mankind has made a lot of inventions. Some of them open new prospects, but some of them spoil us. In this essay I am going to write about the best and the worth inventions in the world.
Probably, the most important invention is a car. I thing the invention of the car has completely changed the way of living of many people. Seems like ages people use it since it was invented. Approximately one hundred years ago only rich people afforded to buy a car. Today this situation has totally changed for the better: every family have one and more cars. Nowadays cars are essential: many people use them for travelling on holiday, for going to work or study. So, cars amended our life to make it better.
It is undeniable that the mobile phone is the greatest technological breakthrough which has changed the world of communication. People tend to use them every day and everywhere because the mobile phone has become the most important element of our life. After invention of mobile phone we can make a phone call to our relatives and friends anytime weather they are at work or in other country. And activities like Banking, Bill paying, are able to do while we are travelling and before mobile phones we could not able to surf the internet anywhere.
It is generally agreed that cigarettes are the worse invention in the world. To begin with, smoking cigarettes is a bad habit which causes a lot of diseases such as cancer and harms people`s lungs. Moreover, the smell from smokers is unpleasant and I have to face up with that problem every time when I use public transport. In additional, I would like to say that on average every third smokes.
Another the worse invention is a TV which makes people zombie. TV was invented to entertain and give us information about what is going on the world. Unfortunately, most people of my generation can`t live without sitting in front of TV and watching it for hours on end. What is more,...

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