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A Best Friend is someone who will always be there for you. Whether it’s good times or bad times. Best friends always are trying to help you do the right things and put you in good positions and situations. Friends all come and go but best friends stay forever. A best friend is a friend that you have those funny moments with like soda comes out your nose or you spray them with water from laughing so hard… My Best Friend Is Estefani Arriaga. She’s also my girlfriend. I consider her my best friend because I tell her everything. My best friend and I have the greatest times together. And if were not together we are texting or on the phone together we are really close. My best friend is really important she’s here for me and I’m there for her. I wouldn’t want to have any one as my best friend other than her… My best friend and I have the funniest times together. This one time her and I went to Laughlin, Nevada together for the weekend an while we were over their we went on the river and I happen to have sea doo’s so we took the sea doo out an I happened to do a trick with her on an he was falling off an while she was falling she was pulling me. It was the funniest moment I ever had with her… Friends are important because they help you with situations but best friends help you with choices. My best friend helps me thru a lot. You can tell your best friend anything whether it’s bad or good. Best friends are friends you can trust but best friends are hard to find. A best friend is one main part of thing friends in general are its all about how you act and your social

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