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Isn’t it exclusive and exciting to have a best friend? Yes it is! Best friends come in all shapes, sizes, different cultures and genders. What comes from the inside mean the most? Each friendship is unique, you’re not going to agree on everything, but make sure your friendship is burly. Don’t let anything come between friendships. This story is about my best friend (Katherine Burns) and me (Mariah Cole) and how we became best friends and how we sever. The fall semester has started at Breeze Elementary and I’m so nervous; my parents and I just moved here to Breeze, New Jersey this summer from Valentine, Italy. My dad is an investment banker and he has gotten a promotion here in Breeze. I was so home sick, but my mom told me I will like it here and make new friends. My mom drove me to school this morning, I had gotten out of the car, and I slowly walked upon the school campus pathway. To my knowledge seemed like everyone is just staring at me. I sniff my arm pits and they were fresh. I sniff my curly wavy hair, it smelled like watermelon. So I don’t know what they looking at. The whole day in this classroom, I just basically looked around and sat in my chair. I was acting so oblivious about what everyone was doing. All I could think about was getting home to mommy and daddy. Some bell rang; the children started screaming and hollering like a hurricane was about to come. A teacher said it was recess time. I sat on the sidewalk the whole time with my hands and my head on my knees. Nobody asked me to play with them. I might be stubborn myself by not going out there to make myself visible, swinging on the swings with the other children. It’s only one problem with me doing that. I never done experience this before, I always been home schooled. Someone tap me on my shoulder, I looked up and this brown hair headed, short and chubby girl looked at me and smiled. She had

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