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David Gander Peter Sneider ENG 101E 10/27/09 Best Friends A best friend is probably the most important person in someone’s life. This is the person you turn to when you broke up with that evil boy/girl friend of yours. This is also the person who probably puts cake on your face first at your birthday party. Girl best friends like to go shopping together or do each other’s nails. While on the other hand Guy best friends like to play sports and rough house together. Now girl-guy best friends are a little more difficult to maintain because there is the ability for the relationship to progress too far or there are just too many rules to keep. Among the many rules of a girl-guy best friend relationship the first is respect. A guy needs to respect a girl’s space even though they may be best friends. The reason being a girl is still a girl. They wouldn’t want a guy to walk in on them if they were wearing their underwear because it is still embarrassing. For guys its fine if they see each other in boxers cause it is not a big deal nowadays. This in respect means knocking on the door before walking in and not looking through her drawers. My best friend Michelle is big on respect. Sometimes she won’t even let me go into her room because it is a mess even though most guys don’t care. One time after a friend’s birthday party Michelle and I went to her house so that she could change because we were going out to dinner with the same group of people from the party. At first she said that she didn’t want me going inside her house period because her house was a mess. I said that I didn’t really care, and then she let me in. After we were inside she was frantically cleaning her living room of everything from pieces of paper to stuffed animals. I asked if I could use the restroom and started walking towards her

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