Best Friends Essay

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About six years ago I had a beautiful dog named Bear; he was very furry and had the cutest squirrel like tail. I loved him tremendously; he was my playmate, and my best friend. Unfortunately Bear was an older dog and passed away over night which still shocked my whole family because he played like a puppy the night before I went to sleep. I was so devastated and could not stop crying, I told my mom through streaming tears that I never want another dog again. I was so distraught that I actually thought I would never again be able to love another dog. After a few months of grieving the loss of my wonderful dog Bear, I asked my mom if we could get another. I was shocked I felt this way but was pretty sure I needed to have another dog in my life and thankfully she agreed. I wanted to get a dog from a shelter, to save them from being euthanized and everyone in my family agreed. My mom and dad asked me and my sister if we were sure this is what we wanted and we said yes and that weekend we went to a shelter. We seen all kinds of dogs, all too cute for words but no puppies, then we seen a dog that looked sweet and friendly she was young and energetic. We adopted her and I was ecstatic I could not wait to get home with her and play. She was so nice on the ride home and seemed happy I could not help but think Wow! I have got a new best friend. The joy soon evacuated from my body, she was not what I expected at all. The dog we thought was going to love us instead turned on us big time. As soon as the leash was taken off of her she immediately pounced on my sister, and tried to bite her. We first thought the dog may have been overwhelmed and a bit scared of her new surroundings, and then she attacked me. My mother pulled the beast off of me and it attacked her, my father then grabbed the dog and put it in the yard. Needless to say my dad took the dog back the next morning. I

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