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OUTLINE 1. The science has progressed wonderfully in recent times. Requirements of the people have also increased. 2. Science is the best helper to man kind in every field of life. 3. Services of science in the field of agriculture. 4. Services of science in medical field, saving humanity from death and disease. 5. Services of science in the field of technology and its some other miracles. 6. Conclusion. World is progressing by leaps and bounds in this age. If there had been no science we would have been still living a wild and uncertain life. With the increase of human population the needs and demands of the people have increased tremendously. If there had been no science it would have been impossible for us to fulfill these needs and consequently the world would have been suffered a lot. With the help of scientific discoveries and inventions we have overcome most of our terrible problems. Now benefits of science in some fields are mentioned one by one: Food is the basic necessity of every living being. The population of the world has increased many times. Natural resources and old methods of agriculture are insufficient to fulfill our needs. If science had not come to help, the whole world would had starved to death by this time but with the help of our scientific agricultural knowledge we have wonderfully advanced our agriculture. Now we are getting many folds food per hector from our fields than we got previously. Chemical fertilizers, insecticides and wonderful agricultural implements have been invented and introduced for the purpose. Large dams have been constructed on rivers and net works of canals are working in several countries of the world for irrigating the crops. Moreover tube wells and sprinklers are also helping in remote areas. Different fatal diseases had been ever a horrible challenge for mankind. In the past man was always a victim of

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