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Lachinov 1 In the world there are many types of people. Some people have share the same characteristics, but some people have different and unique traits. When Kim was in fifth grade,Kim had some classmates that they were nice to me, Kim thought that they can’t become a friend. Also,his classmates and him had more difference than the similarity on traits. At that time, Kim didn’t understand what the significance of friendship meant? However, he realizes and understands well what friend means since Kim met Aslan . His best friend and him have the same trait, but they also have some different personality. Fist of all, they like each other since the first day at school. There are many subjects in school, but Aslan and Kim, both like Math, Biology, and History. Even they like those subjects, but they only good at Math and Biology. Similarly, they usually got the same grades when ever they took the exam. In addition, they both like to play sports include: basketball, volleyball and wrestling . When ever they had time, they went to Olympic Stadium with some other friends and started play from 6:00 am to 8:00 am in the morning. After that, they went to Chinese restaurant to eat noodle and sweet bun. Another, they both like to eat Chinese food and Thai food. By comparison, Aslan likes to eat spicy food just like Kim. Finally, we both like to test different kinds of food. Kim's best friend, Aslan, is a nice person and he usually helps when asked him for help. He is also a helpful person even in the family and outside the house. He always helps Kim's family and friends when they have obstacle or difficult time. Even he sometimes knows that he does not have enough ability to help them, but he always struggles to help them. One day, Kim recalled that Aslan’s classmate, he had a hard time

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