Best Buy Swot Analysis

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Student: Dominique Morris Assignment: Best Buy SWOT Analysis Professor: Best Buy Co., Inc is a multi-national retailer of consumer electronics, computing and mobile phone products, entertainment software, appliances and related services. The company primarily operates in North America, employing 180,000 full time, part time and seasonal employees. .founded in West Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak as an audio specialty store later renamed and rebranded with more emphasis placed on electronics. STRENGHTS: -Best Buy is one of the largest specialty electronic retailers. Best Buy is not only one of the United States largest electronics retailer but one of the world’s. Enjoying a positive reputation and good brand image, Best Buy is one of the very few which have successfully sustained recession. There were about a dozen significant electronic retailers in the US 20 years ago, Best Buy is now the only one. Best Buy being one of the largest worldwide electronic retailer can be consider a distinctive competence for other organizations because Best Buy has no direct competency. There are no other organizations that sell the same products nor can match Best Buy in size and reputation. -Excellent Customer service. Best Buy’s customer service and support, easily and effectively differentiates itself from other retailers. Thorough store formats customized for local preferences, in store Geek Squad technical support services, the company provides a shopping experience that mass merchants cannot match. All of Best Buy’s employees go through an extensive training program which emphasizes customer service and product knowledge. Best Buy has also expanded its at- home technical support and installation services, segment that earns higher margins comparatively. Best Buy does not pay commissions to their sales staff in the US, in order

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