Best Buy Management Goals Essay

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The management goals for Best Buy are sales motivated and simply state most of the company’s goals in the company’s name, Best Buy. This tells that the store plans to operate based on the cheapest quality product for the sales with the interest of the consumer and their purchases. Best Buy as a store wants to manage sales and make high quotas per day. Managers sometimes hold meetings or rallies with employees to motivate the sales staff to sell and be enthusiastic about the day. Products are sold rapidly and the staff is knowledgeable based on what they know about electronics themselves. No formal training is offered for new products that the company will carry. From video games to laptop computers, you will find employees working for best but that are motivated to enjoy such products and learning about them on their own. People who enjoy electronic products and equipment will most likely work for Best Buy and that’s what managers look for in the hiring process. This saves the company from training for product knowledge. People do not shop Best Buy for customer service. This is the worst part about the company. The staff can tell you as much as they know about the products and prices but not one employee will go out of their way to make a sale, informs a customer, or ensure any customer service. From a standpoint of a shopper I would evaluate the store as a confusing mess that seemed like a sale every time one shops. Sales are advertised but employees don't necessarily push the sales. The management goals reflect the employees' goals to let the products sell themselves. This hurts the company knowing that consumers can shop products on a "take it or leave it" attitude. Most people are aware of the lack of customer service Best Buy does not provide. Managers can be motivated to sell to maybe receive a pay increase. Employees can be motivated to gain a promotion to

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