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Pantoja, Jonathon June 18, 2011 2nd draft #6 Period 2 “Describe your Favorite Music Artist” My favorite music artist is Dwayne Carter Jr. He’s better known as Lil’ Wayne in the rapping game. In the music business for more than two decades, he was named “The Best Rapper Alive in 2008”. He was just sign to Cash money records at the age of 9 and a million air at the age of 16. Dwayne Carter JR was born in New Orleans. He was always a smart kid in school but his dreams weren’t to be a doctor or a teacher, he wanted to become a rapper. He met Bryan “Baby” Williams, a record producer for cash money records. And out of nowhere started rapping for Baby with flows that where incredible. That led Dwayne Carter JR signed at the age of 9 to Cash money records. Then Baby gave him the Name Lil’ Wayne and started the group “The Hot Boys”. They came out with hit single creating the song “Bling-Bling”. The Hot boys didn’t last very long; disputes over money led the group to go their separate ways. That didn’t stop Lil’ Wayne from continuing his rapping career. Lil’ Wayne started his solo career in the 1999 with his first solo album “The Block is Hot”. The album was a great success but his next to albums weren’t a great success, they were a disappointment to Lil’ Wayne. In the early 2000, Lil’ Wayne had a huge and amazing comeback. The album “Tha Carter” was born, selling more than over a million copies in only one week. Then the album “Tha Carter II” came out a year later with a #1 hit single “Go DJ” put him on the top of the billboard charts. Therefore, “Tha Carter III” with the song “Lollipop”

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