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hether we are young or old, we all have relationships that are important to us. Although I feel that it is not difficult for two people to begin establishing a relationship, maintaining that relationship is not that easy. Maintaining friendships requires more than similarity. Yes, we all have our faults and flaws and marks of imperfection. But as two people come to know more about one another, these flaws will not affect the relationship of two or more individuals. Instead, it will grow stronger. If person is truly a friend, then even after he has come to know a lot about you, he will still be there for you. Once, a certain fellow and I tried to establish a true friendship. We tried our best to be courteous, respectful, and witty. But our relationship didn’t last long because we weren’t able to accept each others flaws. After that experience, I didn’t try to make new friends anymore. Then I met this individual. She and I became close with each other. We were able to accept each other’s flaws. Our relationship grew stronger, and it developed into what I feel is truly a friendship. Maybe it’s because of trust. We faced different challenges and there are times when I felt that some people are pushing us away with each other. I’ve got to admit that there are times we have doubts with each other. But because of trust and our commitment with each other, we were able to withstand the challenges in our friendship. The most important thing that makes our friendship grow stronger is when one day; I have a very difficult problem. It’s like the floor had dropped out under me. I had no one to turn to except her. She’s always there for me. She can sacrifice for me to be happy. I finally had a proof that she’s a real friend, a sister to cry on and a best friend for life. Acceptance, trust and being there for each other in times of needs are the only evidence for our strong

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