Bess's Diary Essay

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Dear Diary, Today was very eventful, my farther had sent me out to get my milk from the barn. I didn’t really like this job but i had to do it. Then I heard a noise, Tlot-tlot, I turned around and saw a man with a French cocked hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin, a coat of claret velvet and breeches of brown doe skin. it was then I saw he was bleeding, he then fell off his horse. I rushed towards him and tried to wake him, when I couldn’t I dragged him inside the barn. When he woke I saw the most beautiful eyes ever. We arranged to meet again tomorrow and I can’t wait. Dear Diary, I saw him again tonight, after a month of secret visits at night we are going to run away. He has just left but he promised he would be back tomorrow I love him so much my dad keeps saying that I should start trying to meet a nice man but he doesn’t know anything and he defiantly doesn’t know about what I’m planning to do I am going to miss my farther but I’m going to have a better life away from this stupid inn. I’m still waiting for him and I hope he doesn’t take too long. Dear Diary, Well what an I say im dead. I died waiting for him and he also died I found out who told the red coats about our secret visits it was tim the ostler but I got back at him for that besides how long can you stay sane for when you have not one but two ghosts following you around as for the red coats all mysteriously died. But at least were together and my dad shows up now and then they killed him after I killed myself. I’m just lucky I’m not alone we will always be together

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