Beryllium Essay

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Beryllium is a highly toxic metal, and if exposed to it you can get a chronic beryllium disease. The way you are exposed to the toxic metal is through inhalation pathways. The main effects of beryllium if exposed to it toxically are on the respiratory tract such as the lungs. If beryllium combines with a protein and goes into the liver or spleen, it may result in a delayed hypersensitivity immune response. Beryllium’s symbol is Be. Beryllium used to be called Glucinium after the Greek word glykys. This word means sweet, and is used because of Beryllium’s initial description and observation. Beryllium’s atomic number is 4 and its atomic weight is 9.01. It’s pure metal form melts at 1278 degrees Celsius. Beryllium is an alkaline earth metal. It belongs to group II of the periodic table and was discovered in 1798 by L.M. Vauquelin. He was a French chemist who was doing work with aluminum, and noticed a white powder that was nothing like aluminum. He named this substance glucinium because of its sweet taste. In 1828 a German metallurgist reduced it to a metal like formed and named it beryllium. Beryllium has many properties such as a very high stiffness, and a very low density. It has the strength of steel without steel’s weight. It has an unusually high melting point and good electrical conductive properties. Beryllium’s metal properties are very useful for electronic industries. In conclusion beryllium has a very controversial history. In the beginning it starts as a harmless, white, sweet powder that we called glucinium. As the years went on it turned into a toxic metal that could affect your inhalation pathways called beryllium. All in all, beryllium is very important for some industry uses, that cause’s little or no harmful ill effects to the

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