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Profiling Bershka's public is characterized by adventurous young people(mainly between 15-29 and female) , who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks, street art and new technologies . Is for youngesters who see shopping as a social and funny experience. It has 500 stores in 34 countries. COUNTRIES AFRICA AMERICA ASIA Moroco Ecuador China El Salvador Hong Kong Guatemala Indonesia Venezuala Japan Dominican Republic Kazakhstan Colombia Macao Malaysia Singapore South Korea Thailand Europe Andorra Austria Azerbaijan Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic España España - Islas Canarias Estonia France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Montenegro Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Middle East Bahrein Egypt Israel Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria United Arabian Emirate The Brand (This part probably doesn’t have interest but I included here for you too see) Bershka was created in 1998 as a new brand of the Spanish group Inditex, with a new retail format that responds to the demands of a sector of young people who are interested in and highly aware of new trends. Bershka presents itself as a reference point for fashion targeting this increasingly demanding public and, in just 2 years, has consolidated its brand image in 100 shops. Today, 13 years on, the chain has over 750 shops in more than 54 countries, with sales representing 10% of the total revenue of the group. Bershka has a sales area of over 260,000 square meters. The company's business encompasses the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of fashion in the shops. In order to always have

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