Berry College Student Essay

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Dear Allison, I love Berry College because it is a sanctuary away from home where I can not only enjoy the breathtaking scenery on campus, but also receive a world class education from over qualified professors with students who care and share common and a wide range of interests. Many colleges have the same thing to offer when it comes to trying new things and getting involved, for their students. At Berry College, an opposite approach was taken by the faculty and students. KCAB, a student led organization that provides students with the opportunity to attend many of their events, holds fun activities such as: movie nights, school dances, ice cream socials, and other specialty nights where students from around the Berry campus come together and partake in fun student led activities. Apart from KCAB events, Berry offers intramurals for those that love to play sports, or for those that are just looking to join a nice competitive sports league and create new relationships. I personally look to join the basketball and the water polo (With inner tube) intramural teams. The student work program also plays a big part in the Berry College Experience. Over 95% of students currently enrolled have a job on campus through the student work program. This program is one of the elite student work programs in the country. I fall under this category, as my job is a news reporter for Viking Fusion. Viking Fusion is the equivalent of Fox Five News, 60 Minutes, and Sports Center combined. My coworkers have been incredibly helpful in helping me adjust to my ever so busy schedule. I love it! My favorite thing to do at Berry since I’ve been here has been attending the various sporting events and proudly wearing the name of Berry College on my shirt. Recently, I went to a Berry College Men’s Soccer game. Everyone on campus was there it seemed like. They played Shorter College, which is

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