Berry College Case Study

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Dear Allison, I love Berry College because it is a sanctuary away from home where I can not only enjoy the breathtaking scenery on campus, but also receive a world class education from over qualified professors with students who care and share common and a wide range of interests. Many colleges have the same thing to offer when it comes to trying new things and getting involved, for their students. At Berry College, an opposite approach was taken by the faculty and students. KCAB, a student led organization that provides students with the opportunity to attend many of their events, holds fun activities such as: movie nights, school dances, ice cream socials, and other specialty nights where students from around the Berry campus come together…show more content…
The biggest in which having 26,000 acres makes it the largest campus in the World. Accordingly, this is why there is so much to do at any point in the day, every day. With so much going on, you would think that the campus is loud and very eventful with people everywhere. However it’s not, actually it is rather peaceful and quiet. In return, this makes it easy to study and easy to walk to class. The contrast to this is a big bustling campus that you risk your life walking to classes everyday by crossing multiple streets with traffic running up and down them. The wild life here is just as much a part of this campus as the students. Anytime I have walked out of my dorm, it takes me no more than ten seconds to either see a deer, squirrel, or bird. The deer especially, are in over abundance, and take refuge in front of every building. They don’t care if you are driving at them either; they will just take their time and slowly cross the street. Sometimes they scare me because when I’m driving at night, they almost play a game of Peekaboo with me in my car. They hide while I drive down the entire road, and then at the last second they jump out and surprise me. The result is me swerving and looking like I am driving

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