Bernier And Spencer

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Bernier and Spencer wrote two books which presented the social phenomena and the social structures of different places accordingly. Bernier, who was forced to have the medical practice in Mogul Empire, had chance to come across different unfamiliar experiences in Mogul Empire, which gave him a special insight to see that country, and compared it with France. Spencer, who was a 20th century thinker, described the social progress and phenomena in a more scientific and logical way by using a lot of different data and observation from other people. Both books contents have similar skeleton – observation of human being, and social structure. However, the way they presented the book and the styles of writing are very different. One should be focus on the purpose of writing these books in order to compare them. Bernier wrote this book as if it was the diary for his stay in Mogul Empire. I assumed that he did not have any plan to see or to do in Mogul Empire. Professor Liu once mentioned that “the doctor travelled without purpose.” It is the main reason why we can read a lot of random materials in this book. If he had purposes on everything he talked to the King, or to see the people around him. He might not have chance to see what he did not expect. It would be very interesting to notice that due to the lack of mobility in 16th century, travelling was not possible for many people. Thus, they did not have the multiculturalism concept in their mind. They did not know the world as we do nowadays. Therefore, we can see that Bernier always want to compare the things he observed to those in France. For example, when he talked about the people seeing the eclipse, he tried to compare the similarities of the behaviors of French and people in Mogul. As an outsider from a totally different culture and background, biased writing and observation are inevitable. Bernier once proposed
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