Bernie Madoff Undquited Trial In Prison

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TUI UNIVERSITY AMANDA SANTIAGO URRIETA MODULE 1 – NORMATIVE ETHICS UTILITARIANISM AND DEONTOLOGY ETH 301 DR. GARTH DEN HEYER 14 OCTOBER 2009 Should Bernie Madoff have been awaiting trial in Prison or at home? Introduction This paper will discuss the if having Bernie Madoff awaiting for trial on house arrest was a “fair” action or priviledge granted to him or if it was the righteous course of action, being know the magnitud of the Ponzi scheme this man orquestrated through out almost four decades. I will try to persuade the reader, in agreeing as of why this man actions should have been treated by the Department of Justice no different from the ones committed by a cold blooded murderer. My arguments will be base…show more content…
According to Gregg O. McCrary, a former special agent with the FBI. “Some of the characteristics you see in psychopaths are lying, manipulation, the ability to deceive, feelings of grandiosity and callousness toward their victims. (NY Times, 2009) Madoff manipulated, did not show remorse, committed his actions knowingly and purposely and was involve with his victims by contracts. He did not shed blood, left bodies to decay nor explicitly threaten the lives or well being of the parties involved. Mr. Madoff was treated differently due to the nature of his actions. It took the system a few month to decide the “appropriate” consequence to one persons action, a person not measured with the same standards as someone with less reputation or standing. Madoff was and still not treated like a criminal, his sentencing to a Medium Security prison shows how his bail does not goes according to the crime committed and it only benefit him. Neither his actions, bail nor sentencing reflect an utilitarian concept. None of the institutions, organizations or independent investors feel that the actions done by this man, nor the actions taken by the Justice System maximizes their happiness, yes “justice” was serve but who will replace the loses experience by many. Maybe in the years to come, “long term” investors will…show more content…
Madoff should have not been given so many month on bail nor a 10 million bond, neither the luxury to enjoy an apartment most likely acquired with the money generated thru his Ponzi scheme due to the fact that his crime, although did not shed anyone’s blood, showed no respect for other human beings rights and well being. (The Boston Globe, 2009) He value his rights, desires and himself more, or solely that the ones affected by him. While on bail he tried to make profit out of his belongings and claim they were not part of the scheme, rather he justify them as being part of a lifetime attainment that involve sentimental value. The consequences for the period of time he was out on bail do not reflect the overall and greater good to the people. There should only be one standard to wish everyone ought to be accounted for. Bernie Madoff case does not show the one. References 1. Bernard Madoff. (n.d) In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrived from 2. Author, Julie Creswell, & Landon Thomas Jr. (January 24, 2009). THE TALENTED MR. MADOFF . The New York Times. Retrieved from 3. David Glovin, & Erik Larson (January 13, 2009) MADOFF GETS TO REMAIN FREE ON BAIL. Boston Globe Retrieved

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