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“The Natural” at Writing In the 1800’s people in Europe believed that there could be no American Authors that rivaled their maestros in writing. They believed there could be no American Shakespeare equivalent, but American writers of the 1800’s, 1900’s and writers of today continue to prove these elitists wrong. From Mark Twain to Emily Dickens we have had authors of all walks of life become successful in writing. One of these great writers is Bernard Malamud. Considered a master of the short story, writing 54 of them, he wrote slowly but was successful in his writing endeavors. He had a movie made out of his book “The Natural” and won the Pulitzer Prize for his book “The Fixer”. He grew up during the great depression and his writing was very influenced by that. Bernard was born to Max and Bertha Malamud, Russian Jewish Immigrants, in Brooklyn, New York 1914. He got his Bachelors of the Arts from City College of New York. He then got his masters from Colombia. His first real job was for the Bureau of the Census and later he taught night classes for Adults. He then started working at OSU where he started writing. He characterized this experience in his book “A New Life”. His writing has some mythic elements and usually has themes of isolation in it. He wrote about social problems of the day like abuse, divorce, and other things of the era. His more noted Titles are “The Fixer” and “The Magic Barrel” which won the National Book Award. “The Fixer” also won the Pulitzer Prize. His book, “The Natural” although it did not win any awards was made into a movie starring Robert Redford. Bernard is considered one of the most preeminent short story writers of the time. He as an award named after him , The PEN/Malamud Award, which is given to someone who is recognized for their excellence in the short story. He is highly regarded in the writing community after his death

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