Bermuda Triangle Essay

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The Mysterious Triangle in the Southern Atlantic A couple months back when I was watching an episode of the Discovery Channel, I remember bits and pieces of a show about the Bermuda Triangle. Within five minutes of the show, I was hooked. The Bermuda Triangle has always interested me. Just the mystery about the Triangle and how much is unknown about it always made me want to continue to dig deeper to try and get a grasp of this huge unknown. After this research paper was introduced, I knew that I had my subject and I could not wait to dig deeper into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. I searched “Bermuda triangle” on Wikipedia and found that the Bermuda Triangle, which is often referred to the Devil’s triangle, is located on the Southeast coast of the United States. I believe that Wikipedia is a decent site, but definitely not be best. Some good information can be found on Wikipedia to gain a general aspect of the subject, but Wikipedia does not contain the best information out there. The Bermuda Triangle is a very mysterious place where ships and planes have been known to disappear under baffling circumstances. The Bermuda Triangle’s three main points are Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda where its name originates. This area is also one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world and also a very heavily flown aircraft route. This could also explain why there have been so many ship and aircraft accidents. Scientists have been puzzled as to why ships and aircraft have gone down so often within the triangle. It is a bizarre mystery that many have no explanation for. After gaining a little more background information on the island, I Googled the “Bermuda Triangle.” The next website I stumbled upon was a site created by the History Channel. When I looked on the History Channel’s website, I thought that was a very reliable source.

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