Bermuda Triangle Essay

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Somewhere deep in the the northwestern region of the Atlantic Ocean, there appears to be a supernatural energy that engages massive bodies that come in contact with it. Yes, I am referring to the Bermuda Triangle. It is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. This is said so as a number of aircraft and surface vessels are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Many believe that the disappearance are caused by supernatural elements. In spite of detailed investigations, science has not been able to explain the exact reasons for the disappearance of ships and aircrafts. The Bermuda Triangle became famous overnight as a result of the Flight 19 incident in 1945, when a group of fighter planes from the United States mysteriously disappeared from this area. This is followed by the disappearance of the aircraft which went as a part of the search operation. The disappearance of many aircrafts and ships left the people wondering as to what was wrong with this region. One of the first conclusions made was the form of abnormal gravity pattern in the Bermuda Triangle region, wherein anything that entered the demarcated triangle would hit the bottom of the ocean floor, and thus, meet a watery grave. Another conclusion held that the methane deposits of this region is responsible for the disappearances.This concept came to light when a study was carried out at the Monash University. The study stressed on the fact that the area contained large amounts of methane, and that the methane was released from the ocean floor which surfaced in the form of gigantic bubbles and knocked down the aircrafts and vessels. There were other concepts like alien abduction, a time warp and pirate attacks. However, none of the theories have been proven to be the exact reason of the disappearance of aircrafts and vessels. Some may say that the Bermuda Triangle is no real

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