Berlin Wall Essay

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Title: The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall Speaker: Montana Islas Specific Purpose: To inform why the Berlin wall was built and why it was torn down. Thesis Statement: The Berlin Wall was a divider between East and West Germany, but it was also a boundary between two different world ideologies. Introduction I. Attention-getter: II. Establishment of Ethos: I have read a lot about the Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall III. Thematic Statement: The Berlin Wall divided East and West Germany but it also divided two totally different places. IV. Preview: The Berlin Wall was built to divide the East and West from each other. Nobody was allowed to travel to the other side. Because of the wall many people were secluded from their family members. After 30 years the wall was torn down because the Soviet Union fell and no longer felt the need to have the wall up. Transition: World War II is the even that lead up to the rise of the Berlin Wall Body I. Main idea 1: After World War II, the capital of Germany, Berlin, was left in ruins. The democratic allies and the communist Soviet Union argued over how the city should be governed. Since they both had opposite views on how the city should be runned, it got divided into 2 major parts, East and West Berlin. . A. Subpoint and/or supporting material (such as a statistic or a quotation): Many people from the East wanted to live a better life in the West. In the East B. Subpoint and/or supporting material (such as a statistic or a quotation): The East German government saw no other way to prevent people from escaping to the West than closing the border between East and West Berlin Internal Summary: Transition: II. Main idea 2: Because of the Berlin Wall, Germans were denied most of the fundamental elements of the

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