Berger's Influences of Art

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According to Berger, the influences of how we see art are based on what we already know and believe. He starts off by saying that what we see closely correlates to what we already know of the subject. He may use different examples but for instance, if we see a painting of clouds and a gate we may think of heaven. Even if we see a picture of a sword through a heart, some people may relate it to love and others may relate it to heartache, depending on your experiences and what you know. He says that because we relate to what we know when we look at something, we are drawn to it. For example, if we look at a group photo of a friend, you are only drawn to the person you know, not the actual photo. I believe it works the same way with actual artists. If a photographer looks at a photograph, they relate to the camera focus and the quality. If a painter were to look at a painting they would look at the brush strokes or colors, because that is what they closely relate to. Berger also discusses how we look at art now is different than how people looked at art in the past. Because art is so widely reproduced all the time, we tend to lose our appreciation for art. Whereas a few centuries ago, or even decades ago, people could look at art and appreciate the beauty in it. When art was actually original and these painters and artists lived amongst them, it was a rare form of expression. However now, we see art in textbooks, on television, we see bad imitations of original art, and somewhere in between we have lost the appreciation for true art. People now could go to a museum to look at imitations of great paintings, or photographs of something staged. In the past, you would have an artist that had an original rendering of something that was going on in his mind, and no one else might understand it so it would look strange to the average eye. So now imitator artists try to

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