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Bereft poster The main theme of my Bereft poster was to show the two sides of the story. The light and the dark side. In the story, Quinn walker was accused of murdering and raping a young girl and throughout the story we are constantly given new ideas about his innocence but still never truly find out if the rumours were true. In the centre of the poster is the Australian soldier, Quinn Walker. Quinn has half of his face covered by darkness and also scarred from his war battles, representing his guilt and his evil side that really did commit the crime. On the other side is the face of an innocent soldier that was wrongly accused, which is shown by the colour and brighter light. On each of the soldier’s shoulders are a devil and an angel. These characters represent the girl that he meets and the battle between innocent and guilty. The story suggests that the suspicious girl is a fragment of Quinn’s imagination and is purely his conscience, much like the devil and angel on his shoulders. On either side of the poster are keywords and themes of the book. On the left (light side) it says, ‘Love. Trust. Family. Justice.’ These are the four key elements relating to his lighter side and his innocence. On the right (dark side) it says ‘War. Loss. Betrayal. Secrets.’ These four themes represent the gothic side of the story. The background consists of a dark cloudy sky, which displays the nature of the book and its gruesome theme. In the very centre at the top of the poster it reads ‘Bereft’ and its subtitle ‘Will justice be served?’ This puts the question into the viewer’s head, is the man on the cover evil? It asks the question the reader will ask through the whole book. Did he really do it? If so, will he be caught? If not, who did it? The title and subtitle and displayed in red to further represent the gothic nature of the story, or to even represent the blood of

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