Beowulf Vs Mlk

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MLK vs. Beowulf A hero is someone that risks his/her life to better society and a responsible leader. In the Anglo-Saxon days, the hero was Beowulf. Crowds in support of Beowulf recognized that there was no one greater to rule over men. But in present day, to me, the hero is MLK. Those that spoke of MLK has agreed that life in the US would have been different if he wasn’t apart of history. There are some similarities and some differences between the two. Beowulf and MLK were similar because neither one of there reasoning for fighting weren’t for fame/selfishness. Beowulf fought when his men were under attack. For example, he only fought the monster, Grendel, because the monster was killing all the men. MLK fought because he refused to let segregation go on any longer. Segregation was when the black and whites were separated in their daily lives. The differences between Beowulf and MLK were that Beowulf fought physically and MLK fought verbally. Beowulf ripped a monster’s arm of with his bare hands. In result of that, he gained victory over his society. MLK wrote many speeches and had various meetings. His meetings and speeches with political influences allowed him to win victory after the separation of colors, such as, “I Have A Dream”, The Nobel Peace prize acceptance letter, “Loving Your Enemies”, The Lincoln Memorial Address, “Beyond Vietnam”, “Where Do We Go From Here”, and many more. I learned about their differing values and ideals by analyzing how heroes were depicted is that in MLK’s day, the justice system was bias. The blacks were treated differently than the whites. The whites had better jobs, better treatment, and better living. But because of MLK’s many speeches, he was assassinated by one who disagreed with him. In Beowulf’s culture, they believed in protecting their religion through war. Both MLK and Beowulf are incredible heroes

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