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Beowulf Translation Essay

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  • on October 6, 2013
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The battle with Grendel’s mother

Beowulf dived into the lake and went deep inside. (line 450-452)
After hours, Beowulf reached the bottom of the water.(line 452- 453)
Grendel’s mother, who was the ruler of the water discovered Beowulf. (line 454-458)
Grendel’s mother could not harm Beowulf with her claws. (line 458-462)
Beowulf failed to took out his weapon while Grendel’s mother carried him back home. (line 462-464)
A host of sea beats came to see what Grendel’s mother has caught; and they beat Beowulf. (line   465-468)
Then Beowulf realized that Grendel’s mother was carrying him to a battle hall, where the heat of the water can not harm him and no one can attack him.(line 468-472)
The lake like fiery flame while a light burned around Beowulf. (line 472-473)
Then Beowulf saw Grendel’s mother, who he described as the mighty water witch, then his took out his sword and straight it to the her. (line 474-478)
Beowulf then realized that his sword could not hurt Grendel’s mother. (line 478-481)
Grendel’s mother clawed at Beowulf and bit a holes in his helmet. (line 481-485)
However, Beowulf came here for fame, so he leaped back into battle. (line 485-487)
Beowulf dropped his sword aside with angry. (line 487-489)
Without weapon, Beowulf used his hand. (line 489-490)
The fame came to Beowulf, who do not care about anything else but fame. (line 490-492)
Beowulf seized Grendel’s mother by the shoulder and threw her to floor. (line 492-494)
Grendel’s mother fell. (line 495-496)
However, Grendel’s mother stand up and attacked Beowulf with her claws, wildly tearing Beowulf. (line 496- 498)
Beowulf was tired, which gave the chance to Grendel’s mother to beat him down; Beowulf was helpless. (line 498- 500)
Grendel’s mother held a dagger(knife), and ready to stab Beowulf, to avenge Grendel. (line 501- 503)
However, Beowulf was stretched on his back, so the dagger only blunted the shirt. (line 503- 505)
Beowulf did not got stabbed. (line...

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