Beowulf The Protagonist Essay

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Beowulf the Protagonist A protagonist is the main character of a story, novel, drama or any other literary work. The protagonist is the character that the audience or reader emphasizes with. Often in literature, the protagonist is known as the hero. In Beowulf the protagonist is Beowulf. Beowulf is the hero of the story. He helps King Hrothgar of the Danes save his country from destruction. He promptly responds to news that there was trouble amongst the Danes. He fights the monster, Grendal, Grendal’s mother and a fire breathing dragon. He is a strong warrior, with a strong mind who is witty and has great skill. He symbolizes good and the monsters symbolize evil. My favorite line from the movie is when Beowulf says, “I am Ripper….Tearer…Slasher….Gouger. I am the teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is strength…and Lust….and Power! I AM BEOWULF! He says this because he wants Grendal to know that he is very serious. At first he seems that he is a mean dark character but he is saying this because he wants Grendal to know who he is and who did this to him. He wants Grendal to know that he represents good and that no harm to the people should be done. At that point in the movie, I was drawn into the scene and my attention was drawn to the character of Beowulf as he commanded the audience’s attention. Beowulf has never been defeated in a battle. He has never been defeated in a battle because he is very strong both physically and mentally. In the movie it shows Beowulf in a swimming match. Although he lost the swimming match, he fought off nine sea monsters. This shows that Beowulf’s character is good. Fighting the evil monsters was far more important to him than winning the race. He places others wellbeing first before he thinks of his own. Beowulf is the protagonist because he fights off the three monsters. He is the main character

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