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Beowulf Summary Beowulf is an epic, a long narrative poem written about a hero or heroine and their journeys and accomplishments. Beowulf is an esteemed warrior and leader in the Geat nation. In the beginning of the story, Beowulf travels with several other Geat warriors to the Denmark. The Danish nation is in distress, because a creature named Grendel has been terrorizing the famous Heorot hall, built as a symbol of strength by King Hrothgar. Beowulf and his men spend a night in the hall, awaiting Grendel’s attack. When he shows up, Grendel manages to kill one of Beowulf’s own men before Beowulf grips onto his arm and eventually rips it from his shoulder. Grendel flees back to his home in the forest, where he dies from the wound. The next day, Beowulf, his men, and the Danes celebrate the victory, lavishing gifts and treasures on Beowulf and his valiant men. The next night, however, Grendel’s mother comes to Heorot to avenge her son’s death. She takes one of Hrothgar’s most trusted friends and advisors as a prisoner back to her lair deep in the haunted forest, below the surface of a deep lake. The next day, Beowulf, Hrothgar, and their most trusted men go to search for the lake that is home to Grendel’s mother. On the way, they find the corpse of Hrothgar’s advisor, stirring his anger towards Grendel’s mother even more. Beowulf plunges into the lake and swims for almost a day before reaching Grendel’s mother. They engage in combat, but Beowulf’s sword fails him. He sees another sword among the treasures in the lair and uses it to kill Grendel’s mother. The sword blade melts upon her death but Beowulf takes the sword’s hilt and the severed head of Grendel back to greet his men. They celebrate again later that day and give him more gifts and riches to take back to the Geat nation. When they returned to the Geat nation, they were greeted with

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