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Beowulf Activity 1 The Monster Grendel 1) Grendal, a powerful evil creature lives in the darkness in the wild marshes. In the great hall poets and scholars drink mead and celebrate. They sing and rejoice and the atmosphere is filled with bliss. Hrothgars men live joyfully as Grendal haunts the wilderness. Many forms of evil are split and are exiled and now in the form of various creatures. 2) Grendal walks in on Herots men whey they are sleeping and brutally smashes them and eats them as a large blood stain smears the ground. Grendal travels back to his lair and when the people of the town wake up they see the damage he has caused and mourn. Herot is scared and fears Grendal while Grendal continues to kill. Grendal wins and Hrothgar’s men lose for year even though God protects him. 3) Beowulf hears of Grendals hideous acts and decides to gather the mightiest men. Beowulf chooses fourteen of the bravest men and leads them down to a boat where they set off to sea. Beowulf sails across the sea to Hrothgar. The Arrival of the Hero 4) Wulfgar addresses the waiting seafarers and welcomes the Geats. Hrothgars men toast to Beowulf’s victories and hope for the future. Hrothgars men welcome the Geats as they celebrate together. 5) Beowulf comes to Hrothgar in friendship and because of Beowulf’s father Edgetho begins a bitter feud killing Hathlaf , a Wulfing warrior. Hrothgar explains to Beowulf about the damage that Grendal has done to the people. Hrothgar’s men have bravely stayed every night and battled Grendal and in the morning the people have found them dead. Beowulf has come to help Hrothgar. Unferths’s Challenge 6) Ecglaf’s son is extremely jealous that anyone in Denmark or anyone on Earth has acquired glory and fame greater than his own. He tells begins to mock Beowulf’s brave adventures and tells him that his luck will change when he meets

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