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The 2007 Disney movie, Beowulf, is an animated action/adventure retelling the anglo-saxon Epic poem. Directed by Robert Zenekas this movie stars Ray Winstone (Beowulf), Anthony Hopkins (Hrothgar), Angelina Jolie (Grendel’s mom), and Robin Wright Penn (Welthow). Beowulf is prince of the Geats, he travels to Denmark to fight an evil monster, Grendel. Grendel has been attacking the danes mead hall, Herot. Beowulf encounters Grendel and defeats him. Grendels mother is angered by her sons death and she attacks Herot as Beowulf sleeps. Angered, Beowulf enters her den with a mind set on killing her. However, he is overtaken by her beauty and is promised to be King if he has a child with her. Upon Beowulfs return the Danes believe that Beowulf killed her, Hrothgar (King of the Danes) hands Beowulf his crown and commits suicide. With Beowulf now king he will reign with peace and prosperity for 50 years. Word spreads that a dragon has attacked a village and, as Beowulf being king, he has to deal with it. He sets out for Grendel’s mothers den where he encounters the dragon. After a long battle with the dragon, Beowulf squeezed the dragons heart and ripped it out. As the dragon falls down a cliff Beowulf falls with him. As both of them are laying there, the dragon turns into a human, leaving us to believe it is his son. Wiglaf comes over to Beowulf aid, Beowulf tells him he is now king. During Beowulf’s funeral Grendel’s mother is seen by Wiglaf swimming by Beowulf as he is given a proper burial, which was putting him on a boat and setting it on fire. There are many positive aspects to this movie the action sequences really keep the audience awake with the wild roller coaster ride that is the battle scenes. The impressive visuals make it a worthy cinematic adaptation, with interesting mythic ideas of its own. It’s a feast of imagery coupled with magnificent drama, a rare

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