Beowulf Reflection Paper

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Kobina Daniel Ofori-Dankwa Honors British and English Literature Mrs. Delong 10 October, 2011 (Beowulf Reflection + Vocab) I have really taken a liking to the adventures that Beowulf, The strongest Geat, goes on. The records of Beowulf are not annals but they do not need to be in order to tell his tale. He is very voracious to stand up to the forces of evil especially with the fame and fortune that comes from surviving these confrontations. However Beowulf does not fail to make careful judgment and is the opposite of indiscriminate in times of danger. During part one of the novel the kingdom of Herot is being threatened by the wrath of Grendel, a swamp creature who will stop at nothing to kill Herot’s soldiers. His evil is complimented by the fact that he is a descendant of Cain, the boy who killed his brother because of jealousy, or so the villagers say. Hrothgar, king of Herot and of the Danes experiences what seems like an interminable amount of cold and lonely winters. His grief lasts 12 years until finally a king from another region sends over some of his best warriors to help Hrothgar. He does not send an abound number of soldiers but rather a modest 14. This king’s name is Hilgac and he is king of the Geats. One of his warriors named Beowulf is said to be the strongest man alive but these words are soon tested. As the Geats cross the body of water they are careful not to get steeped. When they first arrive at Herot Hrothgar’s lieutenant perceives the group of Geats as a threat, pointing his heavy spear at them. Beowulf assures him that he is only in Herot to take care of Grendel. He is brought to Hrothgar and explaines his status as a warrior as well as a relative of King Hilgac. By this time however Hrothgar would have implored anyone to help defend his crumbling kingdom by this time. As Grendel gets ready to attack Herot once more little did he know

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