Beowulf: Pagan vs Christian

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The stories of superheroes have always been a favorite among people. People love to read about the struggle of good vs. evil. Little children, even grown adults spend their time read Superman, Batman, Daredevil comic books. Society has even demanded movies and TV shows about these super humans. Although this story line is not a new idea, it was been around since the eight century maybe even earlier. The old society of England ; the Anglo-Saxon, were famous for their epic poems which centered on an epic hero, a superhero. Beowulf is one of the most common epic poems from that period of time. Although Beowulf first originated by Anglo-Saxon scops, or story tellers, it has intertwined newer belief because it was written later by a person with a different culture. Beowulf was based contained the pagan beliefs because it was the religion of the people at that time. As new events happened a new religion came, Christianity. The person who wrote Beowulf down was a strong follower of Christianity; therefore they incorporated their religion into the story. While many pagan influences appear in the epic poem Christian dominates. The character such as Grendel, the dragon, even Beowulf himself exhibit behavior and traits that are of Christian values. Grendel the evil villain of the story is very similar to Satan. In the poem Grendel is described as “This gruesome creature was called Grendel, notorious prowler of the borderland, ranger of the moors, the fen and the fastness; this cursed creature lived in a monster's lair for a time after the Creator had condemned him as one of the seed of Cain - the Everlasting Lord avenged Abel's murder. Cain had no satisfaction from that feud, but the Creator sent him into exile, far from mankind because of his crime. He could no longer approach the throne of grace, that precious place in God's presence,

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