Beowulf Movie Vs Book

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Beowulf: Book vs. Movie Every culture encloses a particular story that entails the relationship between mortals and gods. In early English culture, one particular story, Beowulf, illustrates the heroism of Viking culture, and highlights Viking strength through one individual’s courage and might, Beowulf. Although Beowulf’s story is great and historical, however, its descent down history has allowed the character Beowulf to ripple and fade; the person that is Beowulf has become a cloudy topic. In numerous versions of the story many pieces of the puzzle are lacked or missing, making each story significant on its own. In the textbook format of the story and in the popular 2007 movie “Beowulf”, both personify the nature…show more content…
During the time of Beowulf, one specific occurrence that hindered or challenged the hero and many other townspeople was the rise of Christianity. While Beowulf was still a young excited warrior, Paganism was the main religion that the people of Britain praised. Though as illustrated in the story of Beowulf, one is able to identify numerous differences between the two religions and only some similarities. Of course the differences are many due to the extreme difference in religion; single god, different god, prophets, writings, etc… Although, some similarities do arise. Within the story of Beowulf, one is able to identify similarities between the two religions from the characters, as well as specific events. For instance, Grendel’s mother is known to be a water demon, and in the movie she is even shown to walk on water; from the knowledge conceived from the Bible, Jesus Christ also has the ability to walk on water. Their slight similarity is simply an example of how certain characters reflect concepts of Christianity. Some events that coincide with Christianity, within Beowulf, are the persuasion tactics of Grendel’s mother on to Beowulf. In the movie, the director illustrates Grendel’s mother influences Beowulf to commit a deviant act for glory and wealth, with a closing promise of keeping it a grave-bound secret. This particular event relates to Christianity as Grendel’s mother persuades Beowulf to lie with her, and when the serpent, in Genesis 1-8, persuaded Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. In essence, both characters, Grendel’s mother and the serpent, are guilty for committing the same act as both of them have deceived another. The understanding of the rise of another religion as well as the significance a new religion carries in relationship to the old one is ideal in the understanding of a hero. Especially
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