Beowulf: Hero Archetype

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Lesson 18 Objective: Measure an object twice using different length units and compare; relate measurement to unit size. Suggested Lesson Structure Fluency Practice (10 minutes) Application Problem (5 minutes) Concept Development (35 minutes) Student Debrief (10 minutes) Total Time (60 minutes) Fluency Practice (10 minutes) Decomposition Tree 2.OA.2 (5 minutes) Grade 2 Core Fluency Differentiated Practice Sets 2.OA.2 (5 minutes) Decomposition Tree (5 minutes) Materials: (S) Decomposition tree (Lesson 6 Fluency Template) Note: Students are given 90 seconds to decompose 20 inches. Students apply knowledge of sums and differences within 20 to length. T: (Distribute tree Template.) T: You are going to break apart 20 inches on your Deco Tree for 90 seconds. Do as many problems as you can. Go! S: (Work for 90 seconds.) T: Now, exchange your tree with your partner and check each other’s work. (Allow students 30–45 seconds to check.) T: Return each other’s papers. Did you see another way to make 20 inches on your partner’s paper? (Allow students to share for another 30 seconds.) T: Turn your paper over. Let’s break apart 20 inches for another minute. Grade 2 Core Fluency Differentiated Practice Sets (5 minutes) Materials: (S) Core Fluency Practice Sets (Lesson 1 Core Fluency Practice Sets) Note: During Topic D and for the remainder of the year, each day’s Fluency Practice includes an opportunity for review and mastery of the sums and differences with totals through 20 by means of the Core Fluency Practice Sets or Sprints. The process is detailed and Practice Sets are provided in Lesson 1. Application Problem (5 minutes) Ezra is measuring things in his bedroom. He thinks his bed is about 2 yards long. Is this a reasonable estimate? Explain your answer using pictures, words, or numbers. Note: This

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