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Beowulf Essay What makes an epic hero? This is a popular question that all civilizations have pondered, and have answered with legends, myths, and epics. One of the greatest epic heroes of all time is found in the epic poem Beowulf, the most famous early Germanic heroic poems. The hero, Beowulf, is a lager than life man who embodies the epitome of courageous aggression mingled with an egotistical nature. Beowulf, the story of an epic hero confronted with various monsters, demonstrates the ultimate aggressiveness and courage it takes to by an hero. “ Beowulf is greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in the world…” p.36. This demonstrates how Beowulf is known across the world. Amongst all the Geats, Beowulf over powers everyone and leads them to battle. When Beowulf and Wiglaf fight the dragon, “None of his comrades came to him, helped him, his brave and noble followers; they ran for their lives, fled deep in a wood.” Through this it is shown that Beowulf and Wiglaf possess courageous traits and are genuinely ready for anything. With all of Beowulf’s strengths and supernatural characteristics, he starts to become egotistical. “ No Dane doubted the victory…..Beowulf hung the monsters arm, claw, and shoulder and all” p.43. After the battle with Grendel, Beowulf felt unstoppable and hung body parts of General above the people of the Danes. Beowulf is the kind of person that takes fame and pride for what he does. Beowulf is a perfect example of a epic hero. He demonstrates courage, bravery, and how he is

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