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Critical Paper Sydney Grimes English 2322 Prof. Blomberg Dec. 9, 2012 Outline THESIS: The themes of morality and ethics play a crucial role in the story. I. Battle of good vs. evil is the main over-arching theme A. Broken down into 2 categories of morality and ethics B. Underlying theme of Christianity II. Back ground of Beowulf A. How other characters besides Beowulf demonstrate morality III. All morals intertwined with theme of good vs. evil A. Christianity influence B. Idea of pride is a downfall C. Example of it in the bible IV. Ethics in the story A. Getting revenge vs. mourning B. How it differs in today’s society V. Christianity influence A. Christianity throughout England at the time of Beowulf B. God is associated with good C. Characters look to praise God when good things happen Sydney Grimes Prof. Evert Blomberg English 2322 9 December 2012 Critical Paper The battle of good vs. evil has been one of the most recognizable themes of literature throughout time. However, these two very broad themes can be broken down into smaller categories demonstrated in the epic poem Beowulf; the themes of morality and ethics play a crucial role in the story, as well as the underlying theme of Christianity. “ Beowulf is an epic that came out of a warrior culture and was used not solely to entertain but also to teach the moral thinking of this culture” (Chickering 86). Beowulf himself embodies all of the qualities of a typical epic hero, and there are clear examples throughout the text. He is easily the best warrior in the country, which he demonstrates by killing Grendel. “Wiglaf, who becomes Beowulf's successor, also embodies these traits. When all of the other soldiers abandon Beowulf in his fatal battle against the dragon, Wiglaf does not. He displays courage and loyalty in

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