Beowulf And Anglo Saxon Values

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Kenya Guilarte Block H English 12 Mr. Wooldridge 10/06/09 The Anglo - Saxon Society If we go back in history, or even take a look to the our modern world right now, we realize the vast diversity in many countries and cultures. Each of them are unique in their own way, especially becuase of the numerous factors that have greatly affected them and shaped them into glorious and admirable cultures. Among them, there are two that stand out the most; values and religion which are present in every culture, such as the Anglo- Saxon Society. However, in this as in other societes they strongly treasured courage, loyalty and religion which was in the border of hell and heaven. These values along with their religious beliefs are the main reasons for the development and prosperity of the Anglo - Saxon culure and have remained with them until their end. First and foremost, courage is present in those people´s daily lives back then. In fact, their hope and faith were put upon the bravest, strongest and most courageous man in their society. This ideal man was their source of inspiration and admiration, for whom they dedicated much of their time praying for. This epic hero as many called him, had to be as strong as a rock and be able to perform tasks that no ordinary man who do. His courage had to be so great that he had to be able to sacrifice his life for the people. However, numerous men made the attempt to obtain this title and only one sucessed; Beowulf. This man is characterized by its great strength, a quality that many men dream of and that unfortunately most lack of. “I drove five great giants into chains, chased all of that race from earth.¨ Indeed, he is the vivid image of a fearless and strong willed man who is able to fight until death for its people. ¨ I swam in the blackness of the night,

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