Beowulf an Epic?

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Is Beowulf an Epic? The literary work Beowulf is an epic because of the epic qualities present throughout this legendary work that originated in the Anglo-Saxon period. An epic is credited by several factors: the ideal man of his culture, a setting which covers great geographical distances, and deeds of valor or superhuman courage. Beowulf was well respected as a leader and warrior, as he was of high importance/A prince of the Geats (line 830). Beowulf traveled to Geatland to hopefully terminate the monster Grendel’s terror/ Across the sea to Geatland (line 297)/ He who had come to them from across the sea (line 825). Beowulf ended the terror of the Grendel that no other man could do, and he showed an act of valor by challenging Grendel and successfully killing him/Ended the grief, the sorrow, the suffering Forced of Hrothgar’s helpless people By a bloodthirsty fiend. No Dane doubted the victory (831-834). Beowulf is not limited to these epic elements, but these were most present in this literary work. This epic is unique because they are some of the earliest known forms of writing to the human race. They became the building blocks of the books and poems that are read today. As opposed to what society has become accustomed to reading today, epics tell the story in a poetic form. Epics commonly involve a hero and a story line that include the hero battling creatures, such as dragons or demons. In this case, the demon was Grendel “Whose love Grendel could not know (170). King Hrothgar of Denmark builds a mead-hall for his warriors to participate in merrymaking and celebration. Unfortunately for the Geats, these festivities disturb Grendel, and he kills and terrorizes the Dances for years with no one to stop this demon. Beowulf hears of this situation and decides to come to the rescue. Beowulf and his men defeat Grendel by ripping off his arm.

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