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Let there be light Beowulf has been king for over 20 winters now. A good king he was. To the people he was kind, understanding, and an idol. He became known as the best king that ever lived, but to others, they had a different opinion. Although Beowulf was getting older, he would still try to subdue himself into violent battles. The invaders on his village were no match to the almighty strength Beowulf had. Tearing his enemies, limb from limb, thrashing his sword into the enemies’ hearts with passion for more, but there was no match that came close to the one he had to handle with against the dragon of the west. The black infernos of Mont. Ice held the gruesome, foul, cold hearted dragon Dave. He terrorized the villagers every year on the day of the full moons. Once the light of the moon filled the dark sky with light, the dragon would come and seek out the battle he always wanted. If he didn’t receive his wish, he would take a innocent person into his cave of the mountain. Villagers tried everything they could to resolve the needless acts of brutality; Prayer, offerings, bribes, and even land didn’t subdue the dragon’s…show more content…
Snarling, grunting, and breathing the fire of a thousand flames, the dragon leashed all hell onto Beowulf. He managed to jump to the corner of the cave, using his shield to cover his body from the scorching flames. The fire from his dark throat of the dragon seemed endless. Beowulf remembered what the girl had said, and now knows what she meant. So he turned his shield in the opposite direction so that the coned shaped end faced the dragon. He set a stance at the same corner of the cave and waited for the fire. As it came he plugged the dragons mouth with his shield. The fire ricocheted back into the dark throat of the dragon. The dragon screamed in pain. As he died in slow death, Beowulf cut the head off the fearsome creature and returned it to the village. “Let there be

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