Beowulf A Hero Or A Zero Analysis

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Beowulf: Hero or a Zero? When people declare Beowulf a hero, does the question of what makes a hero ever come to mind? Then someone might ask what type of people can heroes be? Beowulf is a hero because he fights for the sake of other people, and lives his life to protect others, which shows his courage and allows him to receive the glory that is brought upon him. Beowulf is definitely brave for fighting and living his life to protect others. For example he battles the treacherous monster Grendel in order to ensure that the rest of the village was safe from the tyranny of this beast. Despite the fact that he conquers this beast alone he was supposed to have help but was abandoned at the last second. This makes the task much more difficult for Beowulf. This quote gives certain evidence that Beowulf fights for others: “A prince of the…show more content…
Glory is the most important trait of being a hero, because without great recognition for that person’s actions, no one would remember, praise or know what that person did that was so great. Throughout Beowulf’s life he defeated many monsters and protected many people which gave him the glory and respect that he deserved. For doing his courageous and thoughtful acts he was given glory and praise through a memorial that was built after his death. The following quote is an example to stress the glory that he received: “Then the Geats built the tower, as Beowulf had asked, strong and tall, so sailors could find it from far and wide; working for ten long days they made his monument,” (“Beowulf”, 871-874). After reading this essay would someone think that Beowulf is a hero? Beowulf certainly meets the requirements of being a hero that is mentioned in this essay. Beowulf does in fact battle in responsibility to those who are unable to battle to save them selves and in addition, Beowulf does use courage to his advantage to receive great recognition in

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