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Beowulf: The Greatest Epic Poem of Time An epic is defined as a poem that is centralized by one main hero, who goes through tests and trials in a dramatic series of events that happen in his/her lifetime. In the epic poem Beowulf, many different scenarios happen to a great warrior and later on, king. Beowulf, a powerful lord and faithful man, helps out those around him by defeating demons and caring for his people. He is easily one of the greatest men of British literature. In my research paper, I will convey to you three main points that support why Beowulf is the greatest epic poem of all time. It is because of Beowulf’s heroism, his fight in good vs. evil, and his grave courage, that makes him an impeccable man of literature. Within these main focal points, it will show and demonstrate Beowulf and his great manhood and care. Beowulf was not just an ordinary warrior, but an immaculate hero. In the beginning of the epic, he hears of King Hrothgar and his fellow men being terrorized by a demon by the name of Grendel. With this information, he goes to the land of Heorot Hall and offers to help bring peace to the land. Beowulf felt as if he owed the king a favor, seeing as though he had helped his own father long ago. The king graciously accepts the help and sends Beowulf on his way. Of course, Beowulf succeeds, fatally tearing off the demons arm and killing him. A huge party, doused with gifts and treasures from the king is thrown in his honor. In order to be a hero, Beowulf had to exhibit great talent and strength. He was trustworthy, dependable, and most importantly, he cared for his people. This makes Beowulf a hero because he did all of his duties without hesitation. Beowulf restored a sense of relief to all that he was over and became the “go-to” man for all issues. Beowulf was not this great because of what he could do, but what he did in his fight of

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